Friday, 3 August 2007

Other Plots

There are over 80 plots on my allotment site, and they are all different. Here are some of them.

The traditional plots usually consist of two long beds either side of a central path. These are then divided by the different crops that are grown.

A few years ago small beds became very popular, and many people converted their plots. Here is one that is just being done. These are supposed to cut down on digging as there is no need to walk over the earth, which does not become compacted. It is also easier to weed and maintain. It reduces the available space for growing vegetables as more paths are needed. I find that weeds grow up around the edges of the beds and they are hard to eliminate.

Some plots are rampant with growth. Even if there are weeds it is still possible to have crops of fruits and vegetables. It is surprising how quickly nature gets back control of an allotment!

Some plots are just beautiful. These dahlias are lovely.

and here is a bumper crop of beans inspite of the bad weather we have been having!

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