Thursday, 19 July 2007

Allotment Diary July 2007

It has been raining for ever and I havn’t been to the allotment as often as I should. I have been visiting family and doing extra hours at work, and to be honest, my poor plot is looking neglected. We seem to have rabbits at work, and they have polished off my peas and my carrots.
Still I have been picking the blackcurrants and have dug up my garlic to dry.

I will need to get the onions soon

Other things are surviving, or even growing a bit, like the runner beans,

Sweet peas

Cabbages, although a little munched by caterpillers…

Courgettes are becoming marrows rather too quickly with all the rain. Any courgette receipes would be useful, but not marrow jam, its just too grim!

Of course my pond is still ok, a little covered in weed and in need of attention, but full of bugs and frogs and damselflies.

Today I saw bank voles making a nest in a deserted corner. I expect they will be munching all my peas and beans later, but I think I am ok with that, how hypocritical, it is because they are furry, i bet i wouldn't feel that way about a gang of slugs!

I tried tomatoes in grow bags this year as I get blight on the plot. It hasn’t worked – I think I haven’t watered them enough.

Happy Plotting!

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