Sunday, 8 April 2007

The ‘vision’ for allotments in penwortham

The Preston Economic Regeneration Strategy and Prioritised Action Plan shows Preston City councils vision for the future of the city of preston. "key project proposals include the development ...of a new 'central park' with associated residential development" p.7 Preston economic regeneration strategy and prioritised action plan. The composite master plan produced by Taylor Young architects is reproduced below. It clearly shows the massive extent of the housing and business development planned for the area south of the river.

The new area of development on the left of the composite master plan covers all allotments in penwortham, those run by Preston city council, south ribble borough council and penwortham town council.

At a time when allotments are becoming increasingly popular and are being seen as so beneficial to communities the proposal to build wholesale over the penwortham allotments is even at odds with other departments within lancashire county council and preston city council.

Veronica Alfrin the executive member for Regeneration community and leisure is quoted on Preston City Councils own website as saying

"Allotments are a superb way to keep fit and sharpen up your gardening skills and the funding's a great boost to our improvement plans. Things like training courses for school children are really important for encouraging young people to grow and eat their own fruit and vegetables and who knows, they may become the Alan Titchmarches of the future” after Preston was awarded £10,000 to help improve its allotment sites with new training gardens for schools and improved access for people with disabilities.

Please let your councillors know now that any vision to develop penworthams allotments will be opposed by those that love and use them now.

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