Monday, 2 April 2007

March Allotment Diary

A month of diverse weather has left us unsure if spring has arrived or not! Seeds planted at the end of February are growing well and should be ready for planting out by the middle of next month. Seed new potatoes – the early variety Pentland Javelin have gone in this week. Tradition has it that new potatoes should be planted on Good Friday. I have no idea why, and hope that around Good Friday will suffice. Rhubarb is growing well and purple sprouting broccoli is looking like it will be ready soon too.

The frogspawn has hatched and tadpoles fill our pond. One bed is remaining covered as a toad has taken up residence in it, hopefully he will move on when the weather is warmer. The birds are busy nesting, dunnocks in the honeysuckle and great tits in one nest box.

The weeds are also growing well, and this week I think a good weeding is necessary. Happy gardening!

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