Sunday, 27 January 2008

Park and Ride on the Allotments Update!

I received an email today from Counsellor Martin who was reported in the Lancashire Evening Post as saying "We were looking at one of the allotments down there but it is very difficult to tell people they have to go because we want to build a park and ride"

He clarified the position to me
"What I said at Cabinet (as opposed to what the Post reports!) was I was aware that the Park and Ride at Portway was very popular but always full by 8.30am and we had looked all over for other sites, such as your allotments, but had discounted all the sites we had looked at for all your stated reasons and more and were still looking for some flat land in that area of Preston"

I think we will always have to be ready to promote and defend the allotments against all and any suggestions for their development.


Greg Smith Credo said...

Thanks for the work to preserve our plots. Yes a park and ride would be a good idea but to be much use it needs to be much further out.. maybe one around Howick Cross.. and another up in Lostock Hall.. Leyland Road is so traffic congested every weekday morning that you can't walk across it near the Bridge Inn.. Lets campaign for a toucan crossing there as well..


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