Friday, 19 October 2007

Peoples Plots. 1.

It is lovely to feel part of a community on the allotments, and i have been visiting other peoples plots now that the autumn digging is well underway. A newcomer to the plots is Sue and her family. She wanted to get an allotment, after looking after mine for a couple of weeks, and after pressure from her kids to grow more veg. (pester power working to great effect!)

she has a lovely pond...

And some well established fruit trees, always an advantage when taking over someone elses plot...

crab apples too..

Sue has enjoyed gardening since she was a kid, and remembers growing vegetables with her dad,

She, like so many of us, values the space, a green space, traffic free, no houses, loads of birds and other wildlife, to escape to.

Fresh food, (if the slugs dont get it, or the rabbits!) Feeling better from being outside, the exercise and going out on days you would normally stay in, but feeling better for it, all are advantages of having an allotment. And then there is the chance to let your artistic side free...

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